Do It Yourself : Easy to make Soldering Iron Holder

When my old soldering iron holder broke a few weeks back, I needed a replacement ASAP. So I went searching for ways and inspirations to make one at home. You must be thinking – 

But wait, why make a soldering iron holder? Can’t I just buy one?

Just my thought too. Until I was shocked by the outrageous prices for a new stand in the local bazaar  and online prices were also too steep because of added delivery charges! Using an aluminium wire coat hanger, a block of wood and a wood screw, I made a soldering iron for myself. After I finished, I had the idea to publish it on instructables .

So, if you are curious, here is a link to my instructable. Try it, its really easy to make and free because you most definitely have the materials needed laying around in your house. Nothing beats the price of FREE.