New Pixel Desktop Environment

PIXEL – Newest Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi

What is PIXEL for Raspbian Jessie? Without any doubt, the Raspberry Pi is the most popular single board minicomputer available. This is because of the hard work and innovations of the amazing Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Raspberry Pi community. Raspbian is the official OS for the Raspberry Pi. Recently, it received the biggest visual […]

Wireless Automated Weather Station using Arduino

Wireless Automated Weather Station Using Arduino

In my final year of college, I designed an Wireless Automated Weather Station using Arduino.  I had thought for long to share it, never really figured out the time to share it. Now that I am building my personal website I finally decided to subdue my procrastinating self and published it on You can […]

Soldering Iron Holder

Do It Yourself : Easy to make Soldering Iron Holder

When my old soldering iron holder broke a few weeks back, I needed a replacement ASAP. So I went searching for ways and inspirations to make one at home. You must be thinking –  But wait, why make a soldering iron holder? Can’t I just buy one? Just my thought too. Until I was shocked […]