Hello world!

Hi, welcome to my website! I am a data geek and I blog about data engineering and tech in general with a little bit of philosophy thrown into the mix. Do reach out to me if you want to geek out!

Where to go from here?

You can read my blog or check out my projects!

Topics I generally write about

Data Engineering

Building fault tolerant and massively scalable data processing systems using Kafka, Spark, Flink and other data processing platforms in both cloud and on-prem architectures in AWS, GCP, Azure and Cloudera CDH.

ML Engineering

Building, deploying and maintaining scalable ML models in various environments. Implementing model interpretation and fairness. Python is my language of choice next to Scala.


Programming principles in Data Structures, Design Patterns, Systems Design and Test Driven Development for modern applications. I mainly work in Java, Scala and Python.